Basic Crystal care

Even if you are a long-time crystal student, it is important to review a few basic principles about the care and use of crystals. Crystals are amplifiers of energy. Although they have energy of their own, they also can pick up and hold other energies they come in contact with – both positive and negative. Anyone who holds a crystal and is having bad feelings, or negative emotions, may imprint those emotions into the stone. Negative emotions cause a reduction in the human energy field.

Clearing is the process of changing negative emotions to positive emotions. Cleansing is a process of reducing the negative emotional energy level of the crystal to the point where the emotional energy can no longer affect you.

There are many ways to clear and cleanse your crystal. One of the most popular ways has been to bury the stone in salt or submerge it in saltwater.

However, this has been found to remove all energy, both positive and negative, and is not recommended. The simplest and most effective way is to use the Light Invocation.

Hold your crystal in both hands, centre yourself and repeat the Light Invocation three times. “I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide”. The Light Invocation will leave all the energy in the stone. It simply changes those emotions from imbalanced to balanced, from negative to positive, cleansing and charging your crystal. The Invocation not only clears negative emotions from the crystal, it causes an increase in the energy found within it.

Cleansing should be performed every time you wish to use your crystal or show it to someone. Should your crystal become dirty from perspiration or dust, it can be washed under running water with a mild or natural cleaner. Storing your crystal in padded cloth or leather will protect it while travelling or not in use.