There is a popularly held belief that many quartz crystals are self-cleansing. The list seems to be growing and includes amethyst, citrine, smokey, kyanite and black tourmaline. It is believed that these stones never require cleansing as they do not accumulate negative energy, but absorb negative vibrations and transform them into light.

Do you accept these claims just because someone says it is so, or do you have an enquiring mind and seek to find out for yourself? Let’s look at amethyst. Amethyst is quartz which is frequency bound by colour to assist the mind to operate within the spiritual frequency band. The human emotional energy system is stronger than ANY quartz. It is a dangerous misconception that any form of quartz is so pure and elevated that it needs no cleansing.

This is not true! With the help of a friend you can prove this for yourself. Take a piece of amethyst, or citrine, or any other quartz crystal that you believe to have self-cleansing properties, and hold it to your forehead. Think of the last time you were strongly emotionally upset. Now, muscle test your friend to establish their strength. Hand them the stone and have them place it to their heart. Muscle test your friend again and watch their muscles go weak.

You should always cleanse any quartz crystal that comes into your possession as they all absorb the negative vibrations of all they encounter before they have found you. Never use a new crystal without cleansing it first. It is also important to cleanse your quartz crystal before and after healing.

HOWEVER, there is one stone that does appear to be so pure and elevated that it does not need cleansing. That stone is selenite. Selenite is a form of gypsum which is often either transparent or a shimmering opaque. This stone is believed to have properties which make it truly unique for spiritual and metaphysical purposes. Associated with the Greek Goddess Selene, selenite contains feminine energy and is often used to connect and commune with the Divine, especially goddess energy. Some use it for angelic or spirit guide connection, or aid in interacting with the Ancients.

Holding a piece of selenite in the hand is said to help drain any negative energy from the body. I challenge you all to test Selenite for yourself.

Firstly, take a piece of selenite and using your L-Rods measure the energy field. Now hold it to your brow and implant it with a negative thought. Think of the last time you were strongly emotionally upset. Now measure the energy field of the selenite again. You will find that the energy level does not drop. Do a comparison test and do the same with a quartz crystal, and you will find a drop in its energy field. The selenite would not hold a negative thoughtform. I used a selenite wand, and on measuring it, found it to have an original energy field of 11.5 metres. I measured a pot plant and found it had a field of 60cm. After placing the selenite against the plant for 5 seconds the field increased to 120cm.

I then tested a rock ruby which first measured at 3.3 metres. After the negative thoughtform the field was reduced to 30cm. I then placed the selenite on it and the field was back to its original 3.3 metres. I then used the Light Invocation on the rock ruby and the energy field increased to 8.4 metres. I then programmed the rock ruby not to accept any negative thoughtforms. I tested it again and the field remained at 8.4 metres. I then attempted to implant a negative thoughtform into the rock ruby and then tested it again. The energy field remained at 8.4 metres. When I had finished, I used the Light Invocation on the selenite and its energy field increased from 11.5 metres to 18.6 metres.

The most amazing thing I found when attempting to implant a negative thought into the Selenite, was that the negative emotion in my mind completely disappeared. I can barely remember what the thought was!

Because one of the gifts of selenite is non-judgment, I have created a selenite grid and programmed it for world peace.

I encourage everyone to work with selenite and to create your own selenite grid for world peace.

The world needs selenite!