Crystalotherapy is a powerful, natural healing technique which combines the use of quartz crystal, a “Wheel of Life” pendant, touch and prayer.

Crystals are amplifiers of bioenergy and increase the bioenergy fields of anything which lives. When you place one of them against a plant, animal or human, it is possible to dowse the increase in that energy field. It is only natural therefore, that the energy of the crystal should be used for healing.

The “Wheel of Life” pendant acts as a bio-computer and controller and is possibly the most powerful source of useable healing energy available today. It is activated using sacred geometry, metal, stones and colour to produce an open doorway through which bioenergy flows. When the “Wheel” is placed in the centre of the palm of the hand, especially with a crystal in the other hand, it amplifies the energy of the hands and increases their healing ability. Add the special programs that command the subconscious mind and its immune system to go into balance on all levels of mind, body, emotion and spirit, and you have a potent and rapid tool for healing any problem.

What Can Crystalotherapy Do!

Reduces pain and tension
Relaxes muscles
Reduces stress
Balances all the energy systems of the body
Balances the chakras
Plus much more!

Some conditions that may be Helped with Crystalotherapy!

Frozen shoulder – Headaches, migraines – Tendonitis – Stiffness and tension – Stress – Sinus problems – Arthritis