The Light Invocation is a multi-purpose prayer. It can clear negative energy, charge the body and other objects, protect against negative emotions, and activate healing processes.

“I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide”.

The Invocation knows no religion. It calls upon the divine Light which is the source of all faiths. Anyone can call upon and activate it.
When the Invocation is spoken it generates an increase in the bio-energy life force in the body. Dowsing tests show an increase from 30cm to as much as 4.5 metres after the minimum three repetitions. More repetitions will continue to increase the energy field. This energy has a positive energy charge, because it increases the bio-field that surrounds the body. It can be used to clear negative energy from an object, such as a crystal. Hold the object between your hands, repeat the prayer three times and hold for one minute. The negative charge will be gone. This is especially good for your crystals and jewellery.

The Invocation can be used to clear negative energy from chairs, couches and beds. This is especially important for waiting rooms at medical offices. First, the chairs. Hold the Wheel of Life pendant in the centre of your left hand, with the gemstones showing. Hold your quartz crystal in the right hand with the point directed towards the fingertips. Place the left hand, with the Wheel, on the top of the seat and the right hand with the crystal, on the bottom. Repeat the Light Invocation nine times. Go to the back of the seat and repeat the same process. For couches, do each set of back and seat cushions. Be sure to cover the whole couch. Be sure to repeat the Light Invocation nine times. Clear your bed in two places: where your head and your buttocks rest. Place one hand on the head area and the other hand on the buttock area. Always repeat the Light Invocation nine times.

You can use the Light Invocation for protection. Personal healing requires the healer to touch the client. People are like living batteries. When they touch each other, energy is exchanged. If one person is low in energy they will take from any person who has more. Negative energy can be transferred back and forth between healer and client. This can be avoided by repeating the Invocation three times before touching. This increases the bio-energy field in your body until it has a stronger charge than your client. After placing the Wheel and crystal on the body of your client, you can activate a healing process by, once again, repeating the Light Invocation three times.

The Invocation can be used to reduce emotional stress. Whenever you are in a stressful situation such as a traffic jam, say the prayer continuously and you will be amazed at your stress reduction. Do the same for any stress. Repeating the Invocation again and again may not change the situation, but it makes you feel better about it.