The Crystal Mandala Charger is a device that will charge any object with life force or bioenergy. It uses the principles of sacred geometry to create a doorway into the dimension of universal energy. The pyramid shape has shown us how geometry can create an energy field. When you build a four-sided pyramid with the proper dimensions and orient one side to magnetic North, energy appears which can affect and change matter.

The pyramid will generate this energy if you have the correct dimensions, no matter what material you use to make it. The shape, the geometry, creates the energy, not the materials. You can make a pyramid out of metal, wood glass, even plastic. The energy will appear in the pyramid as long as you have the dimensions correct and orient one side to magnetic North. Different types of materials will increase the energy but the energy will not appear without the correct geometric shape.

If we consider all matter as energy, atoms locked into a pattern, we can see geometry is simply energy in a specific form. Since physics is the science of energy, geometry can be called the graphics of energy; energy expressed in three dimensions.

Hindus and Buddhists use geometry to create yantras and Mandalas that affect the consciousness and energy field of those who use them. The two-dimensional designs cause an energy effect. The Crystal Mandala Charger is a two-dimensional design that causes a three-dimensional energy to appear from the fourth dimension.

The design for the Crystal Mandala Charger came as a vision while meditating. It was printed on the cover of the Crystal Book. One day, I felt heat and vibration when I held my hand against the design. This was a real puzzle. How could a design create energy? Then I remembered the Mandalas created and used by Hindus and Buddhists.

Further experiments established the design we know as the Crystal Mandala Charger. The design is more intricate than it first appears. At the centre are six crystals in the hexagonal shape. As it expands outward you can see four more crystal hexagons interlocked with each other. The predominant colours are magenta, green and pink, representing life vitality, balance and harmony, and love. The design is printed on both sides to double the energy output of the Mandala Charger.

There are now nine different sizes and intensities of Mandalas: the 1 inch diameter Mini, the 1 inch MiniMega3, the 1-1/2 inch MiniPlus, the 3 inch Regular, the 6 inch Family, the 8 inch diameter Mega, the 8-1/2 x 11 inch Mega 2, the Mega 3 and the latest addition, the Mega 4.