(DaEl Walker)

The Wheel of Life medallion generates great power. If it is worn around the neck it will charge up the body, balance the chakras, and fill the reserve energy of the etheric body. It will reduce pain and tension, reduce stress, and aid the body in the healing process.

How does it do that? To answer that we need to look at the design and the construction of this device.

Outwardly it simply looks like a piece of jewellery. It is cast in sterling silver or gold. It is shaped like a Wheel with a green stone in the centre and 6 red stones on the outer rim at the end of the six spokes. The silver Wheel has 6 red cabochon-shaped garnets on the rim and a cabochon emerald in the centre. The shape is a hexagon, a six-sided pyramid within a circle.

Sacred geometry simply recognises that everything is energy, a form of light. In our three dimensional world energy becomes form, described and measured as having length, width and depth. But it is still just energy, but held in a geometric form through the laws of our vibrational universe. Three dimensions cause geometric shape, and keeps it that way until some greater force changes it. Let’s take a limb from a tree. It will maintain that shape until some other stronger energy changes it, such as fire.

What creates shape? The genetic program within the object tells the energy to form as molecules that creates cells that create the object in three dimensions. But what is light in four dimensions? Three dimensional time and space do not exist here, yet light still exists, but as an energy we can perceive is a picture. Sacred geometry recognises the connection to universal energy. By using geometric shapes we can generate an energy field, which is why pyramid energy works. Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, talks about Archetypical Symbols which create physical effects.

Physics recognises the ability of higher dimensions to create the lower ones. And the picture of energy in the Fourth Dimension is a geometric form, using triangles. The most powerful one, quite common in ritual magic, is the hexagon. It is similar to a 6-sided pyramid with seven nodal points: the centre and the six corners of the base of the pyramid. These 7 points conform to the basic vibrational rhythm of our three dimensions. There are 7 octaves, 7 base colour rays, 7 smells, touches and tastes. Yoga explores all of these because it recognises this connection. There is a yoga of each of the senses. The most common of these is the sense of touch which is represented by Hatha Yoga.

When we place 7 stones in a hexagonal shape and connect them together with our mind, we form an energy grid which creates a dimensional gate which allows fourth dimensional light to be transformed into vibrational energy, which eventually becomes bio-energy when it is absorbed by the body. Remember, this is universal energy, the energy that holds together the universe. In the new science terminology of the 21st century, it is called scalar energy. When the doorway is opened, and it connects with the body, this scalar energy is changed into bio-energy, the life force that keeps all living things alive.

That energy is further modified by the vibrational energy of stones and their colour, and the type of metal, either silver or gold. We experimented with other metals, including copper, steel and platinum. We tried all the colours of the rainbow and most of the minerals, and concluded the best combination was red garnets for the outer perimeter of the silver Wheel and a green emerald in the middle. With gold, the red stone became rubies and the green remained an emerald. Garnets are Moon, feminine energy. Rubies are Sun, male energy.

Even here the shape of the stone had some significance. With the silver Wheel, all the stones were cabochons, the shape of a sphere cut in two. It was flat on the bottom and curved on top. The shape resembled the moon. For the gold Wheels, all the stones were faceted, like the rays of the sun. Silver is recognised as moon, feminine, yin energy and gold is sun, masculine, yang energy. The red stones represented vital life energy, the base of the six-sided pyramid. The green emerald in the centre was for balance and healing. The centre green stone controlled the outer perimeter red stones and kept that vital energy flow in balance.

Into this energy matrix we put special programs in the form of thought forms or commands. They came from prayers, mantras and affirmations, which we had observed had a specific effect on the mind, emotions, body or spirit. Our Wheel became a personal computer that directed the subconscious mind to balance all the chakras. This happens within 30 to 45 seconds. Whoever wears this becomes grounded and centred, eliminating the spaciness so common today. The mind becomes more clear and more focused.

Concentration is better and creative thinking is increased. Stress is lessened and the emotions become calmer. Psychic sensitivity is increased, and the mind becomes aware of the spiritual unity of all things. Within less than one minute a ball of light surrounds the body to form a protective shield against the negative emotions embedded in rooms or emitted by people. A buffer zone surrounds the wearer and keeps others from drawing their energy away from them. The special programs create all of these effects.

They are stored in thoughtforms, thoughts that have a form or direction. Since they are in thoughts and not words, they bypass the logical mind and go directly to the subconscious where they are absorbed as commands and automatically activated in the body and mind. When the Wheel is placed in the centre of the palm of the hand, especially with a crystal in the other hand, it amplifies the energy of the hands and increases their healing ability. Add the special programs that command the subconscious mind and its immune system to go into balance on all levels of mind, body, emotion and spirit, and you have a potent and rapid tool for healing any problem.