(by Debra Searant)

I thought I would share a little story about something that happened after completing the Crystalotherapy class. I have always believed animals are very perceptive where energy is concerned. Well after the Crystalotherapy course I came home feeling very high on energy.

Our next door neighbours went away and asked if we (I) would look after “Yoda” their lovely cat. When he comes to visit he has a feed and then finds a spot to curl up and have a nap, but not that week. I couldn’t get him off my lap. The thing is, it wasn’t my lap he was lying on, but he had his nose up under my chin and his front legs up to my left shoulder. So basically he was lying with his chest on the “Wheel”.

He did this every time he came in for a feed until his owners came home. I know he comes to visit to get some peace and quiet. I thought this was very interesting!