After over 20 years of exploring and researching ancient crystal skulls I have come to some conclusions.

1. The crystal skulls are emerging in the greatest numbers ever known.
2. They are here to help mankind raise their vibrations to match the changing
3. They want to help us integrate with each other to raise our consciousness.
4. They were created by extraterrestrials teaching humans how to make them.
5. They are made of both Earth and other planet crystals.
6. They are doorways into other dimensions.
7. They are controlled by other intelligence within other dimensions.
8. They can influence the elements.
9. They can show images of the past, present and future.
10. They can help us in healing.

The crystal skulls are emerging in the greatest numbers ever known.

Never before in recorded history have so many ancient skulls been open to the public. Up to the 1960s we knew nothing about them. Then articles and television documentaries on the Mitchell-Hedges skull became public. Through the determination of F.R. ‘Nick’ Nocerino, long time metaphysical researcher and teacher, the Mayan Skull emerged from Guatemala and was investigated by Nick and his team. They were able to photograph images inside the skull. This was a first and begged further investigation.

In 1985 Nick took a team of 4 to Kichner, Ontario, Canada, to the home of Anna Mitchell-Hedges. The team consisted of Nick, Ron Dickinson, Sandra Bowen and myself. Our purpose was to psychically investigate her skull. Much effort was put into finding the code that opened up the skull and when we finally did it, we took hundreds of pictures. Nick and I went back in 1986 and 1987 to continue the exploration.

In 1988 I received my first skull, Rainbow. One of my students wanted one of my 22k gold Wheel pendants. He offered half money and half trade. His trade was carved figurines inherited from his grandfather. One of these was Rainbow. The moment I felt the skull I knew it was ancient because it had the same vibrational sensation as the Mitchell-Hedges skull.

In 1989 I had the opportunity to buy part of a private collection. Along with some very nice crystal specimens, I bought a very unusual skull. It was larger and heavier than Rainbow. It was even bigger than the Mitchell-Hedges and the Mayan skulls. It weighed nearly 13 pounds. It was clear but very slightly smoky and had beautiful rainbows in it. When my wife Laurie touched it she cried out, “Oh, her name is Madre and she said I am to be her Guardian”.

Since that time we have been blessed with 15 other skulls, all ancient or very old. All authentic. We started with Madre, and discovered she had a dolphin’s nose carved on her nose area. Then came Magnus, then Nefertiti, then the other 10 dolphin skulls. Along the way came Matista, a large amethyst skull, and Moghur, a primitive skull, and another large amethyst skull.
There may be as many as 30 more authentic skulls with information in them. Why so many surfacing now? The skulls say they are here to help raise the consciousness of mankind to help them make the change with the Earth. Even science acknowledges the Earth is changing. The magnetic resonance of the Earth is rapidly getting higher and suggesting it is readying to make a Polar Shift. Metaphysicians say the vibrations are getting higher as the consciousness of the Earth is about to make a shift into a higher level.

They want to help us integrate with each other to raise our consciousness.

All over the world people are interested in skulls. Conferences are held in different countries where Guardians of ancient skulls mingle with those who own modern skulls. Experiences are discussed and similarities are acknowledged. Even the movies reflect these, witness last year’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. People are drawn to the skulls and do not know why. “I just love this skull. I take it everywhere. I want to have it with me and I do not know why”.

They were created by extra-terrestrials teaching humans how to make them.

When I was working with the Mitchell-Hedges skull in 1985, I was meditating with it and saw a vision of two aliens in robes, with bald heads, standing on a high ledge in a very large cave. Below them were humans in animal skins. From the centre of the head of one of the aliens was a bright light, like a projector. Pictures appeared on the back wall with sounds like a movie. The movie showed how to take a large piece of quartz and sing to it in a harmonic chord. The stone became like putty and the individual shaped it, roughly, like a skull. Then more singing and it became hard again. Other stones were then used to polish it. This was especially important with the hollow skulls.

They are made of both Earth and other planet crystals.

In a channelling session with Barbara Marciniak, the Pleiadians said the ancient skulls were made of stones from both the Earth and other planets. Here is the transcript:

DaEl: Would any of these particular skulls be made from stones from outer space?
P’s: It appears that there is one here which distinctly stands
out. Actually, two. They are the two large ones, as we are
DaEl: Madre and Magnus?
P’s: Yes.
DaEl: Would you like to touch them?
P’s: Yes we would. Of course we would.
DaEl: This is Magnus. Is that one of them?
P’s: Yes.
DaEl: This is quartz from another planet or another star system?
P’s: This one was transported. This one has been prepared for a long time before it was carved. This stone had to be found. In other words, the stone itself is a heart information keeper. The stone had to be found and there was a long, long expedition and journey. First to find the stone, then the stone was treasured. You have adventurers, like Raiders of the Lost Ark and things of this nature. This is the story of stone like this. The stone had to be found. Trekked into a very, very, very desolate foreign land, because the stone had its own intelligence. It was like seeking out a Master. Pre-carved, we’re talking pre-carved. It was found. It was brought to, let us say, what you would call a very psychic individual existing of course on other, other, planetary substance. And the stone was kept a long, long time in preparation for what the world was to be. The stone communicated with its keeper for a long time. The keeper was not the carver. The keeper passed the stone down a number of generations to family members who travelled into space. The stone was brought to the Earth plane and stayed on the Earth plane for a while to adjust to the vibrations. The stone understood what it was to record because it was old. Because it was kept for 3 generations or so and it watched Earth through time, do you understand?

So that sometimes-planetary travellers or celestial treasure hunters can go to a distant star, a distant planet, and they psychically can find certain stones. Certain stones are knowledgeable record keepers of various places in the cosmos. If one finds one particular mountain range, say, in some remote planetary solar system, the mountain range may have thousands of stones, or one huge gigantic stone. And then that stone is a record keeper, a focus, a camera, a knowledgeable point, about certain periods of history and certain planetary systems. See how complex this is? It’s very complex. You keep tapes, and you keep things that are very temporary. Understand that consciousness is all, play is in existence is all, and what better record to keep than stone? Are the records kept in a holographic form? In other than 3 dimensions? Well, you understand that the principle of the holographic universe is that any portion of anything contains the whole. That is because there is consciousness in all things. And that consciousness does have memory. Some consciousness is better at memory than others and the way information is stored here is not so much holographic as it is that the stone itself was conscious. It was its role, to be a conscious stone.

You have incarnated, DaEl, to be a male human who would take on a karma of sorts. To regather the tools that have passed through your hands in ancient times. You have been a carver of the stones. You have been also a planetary keeper of the stones. Pre-carving, do you understand? This is how reality works. There is no insignificance with our roles, everything cycles again, put on new partners and pretend that you forget the others. And you play with your favourite things from all different points of view.

They are doorways into other dimensions. They are controlled by other intelligence within other dimensions.

I had to struggle to clarify this statement. I know it to be true because I can communicate with the skulls. They have to come from another dimension to do this, because I connect with an entity that uses the skull. Where are they? They say they communicate on a frequency band of consciousness we call telepathy.

They can influence the elements.

In California we have been having a drought for the last 3 years. Our reservoirs were at extremely low levels. We had no rain in sight. I talked to ZAR and asked that we have enough rain to satisfy our needs. We have had enough rain within the past two weeks to bring our reservoirs up and relieve some of the tension about drought. Did the skulls have anything to do with it? Could I have done it without them? Could it have rained without my intervention? All of this could be yes. Yet, I am convinced any of my skulls can affect the weather.

I have a strange feeling about the fires in Australia. Could I have brought rain and helped modify the great damage? It never occurred to me to try. Perhaps it was karma that kept me from even thinking that way.

They can show images of the past, present and future.
Most of the pictures in the skulls are from the past. Occasionally I will see something that, later, I realize related to something that was happening at that time. I cannot say
I have seen the future, but it stands to reason that could be there. The process of seeing in the skull is both normal vision and clairvoyant vision. I have seen future events when gazing with other crystals. There is no reason it cannot happen with the skulls.

They can help us in healing.

I have used most of my skulls for healing. I have charged modern skulls with the ancient ones and they have done an excellent job of healing. It is quite an experience to be a part of a skull healing.

I am especially excited about charging the modern skulls with the ancient ones. In as little as a week I can dowse the energy levels of the new skulls, increasing from 4 feet to over 100 feet. I noticed an interesting phenomena. When these skulls are used for healing, their energy intensity does not decrease. Regular quartz, when charged, acts like a battery. Use it for healing and its energy decreases. Not so with the skulls. They do not diminish. The only explanation I can think of is the ancient skulls retain a connection to the new ones and the healing draws on these ancient ones. They have unlimited energy and cannot be drained.

Of course the traditional sceptics have to come in and call the ancient skulls fakes, made for profit. A good example can be found on the website of the British Museum. It all sounds profound and logical, made by “experts”, but their premise and logic has massive holes in it. Read it for yourself and see if you can see their illogic.
(Copyright 2009, DaEl Walker)