Meet Zar!

Several years ago I received a phone call from a man who had heard I had a crystal skull. I said yes, I do. He asked if he could come by and see it. I meditated for a moment and Spirit said yes, so I invited him to come over. He was a well-mannered man, nicely dressed.

I brought Rainbow to him and left him alone for about 15 minutes, until he called me. He began asking me questions of my research with Mitchell-Hedges and other skulls. Then he started asking me questions of my knowledge of crystals and got me to tell the story of how I got into the field of crystals.

He looked pensive and said, “I have something out in the car which you need to see. Would you excuse me”? He came back with a box. He opened it, reached in and brought out a skull, but what a skull! It was as large as a human skull and was hollow, like a real skull would be, not like other skulls, which were solid. And it was not human! It was humanoid but had a very large forehead, heavy ridges over the brow, a very small jaw, an elongated shape and several other anomalies which were different than anything I had ever seen. It was an alien! He handed the skull to me and said “The skull wants you to take it and keep it until it is time to move on”. I was stunned. This was a totally unique artifact, an alien crystal skull. Who knows what value it had? And this man was giving it to me.

“I can’t accept this. It’s too valuable. What would I do with it”?

“Whatever it wants you to do. It is a very strong skull with a mind and purpose of its own. It is obvious to me you are the man the skull wants to be with. Take it and use it until it is time for it to move on. Please excuse me, I must go. I have much to do. It has been a pleasure. Thank you for your time and kindness”.

As he walked toward the door I had an idea. “Are you from the Brotherhood”? He smiled, nodded and said goodbye again.

And I was left to the mercies of Zar, the Alien Skull.

How did I get the name? I was preparing to go to a Crystal Skull Conference in Sedona, Arizona. My wife and I were invited to be presenters. I had my skull, Rainbow and she had her skull, Madre. As I was walking across the room with clothes to put in my suitcase, I heard a voice say, in a gruff, raspy voice, “I will go with you”! I stopped. What was that voice? I had never heard it before. It reminded me of the gruff growl of pirate captains in old movies.

What was that”? I said. My wife was in the other room.

“I will go with you! My name is Zar and I will go with you”! I realized the voice was in my head but sounded very loud and it was coming from that Alien Skull.

“Your name is Zar”?

“My name is Zar and I will go with you”!

That was such a command I almost came to attention and saluted. I told my wife what I heard and she laughed and said I better take him because it was obvious he wanted to go. I took him to the conference and he was the most dramatic thing there. No one had ever seen anything like him.