DaEl Walker, founder of the Crystal Awareness Institute, is the guardian of the ancient crystal skull, Rainbow. Anyone who has ever been in the presence of Rainbow will never forget the experience. She has been called the skull for the heart chakra and gives out a beautiful loving and healing energy. She has a remarkable effect on people when they hold her to their heart or solar plexus. Old buried emotions surface and many people break down and cry.

Anything placed within her energy field will be infused with her healing energy. We have been able to acquire a number of ‘baby’ crystal skulls which have been energized by Rainbow. They are very powerful and have been used for dramatic healing. Not only have our ‘baby’ skulls been energized by Rainbow, they have also spent time in the energy of Zar and Magnus, two of DaEl’s other ancient and equally powerful crystal skulls.

We have a selection of these ‘baby’ skulls (approximately 65mm in length) for sale in clear, amethyst and rose quartz, and fluorite and moss agate Place your skull directly on problem areas for 15 minutes and see what happens!