(Name withheld)

I only had a half hour to spare, and wanted to give my mother some healing, so I decided to do the Neurological technique, and got her settled on the couch comfortably with me alongside, feet in my lap. We were into the treatment when I was feeling quite a substantial amount of energy in both my hands. My mother was quite wondrous at the sensations she was feeling, and a little excited. She would have electrical impulses moving up and down her limbs, really hot feet, sensation going to the stomach and head. Time approached fast as both communicated whenever the sensations changed. My mother and I really enjoyed the soft, warm and healing energy as it pulsed in cycles.

I went off to the shower, advising my mother to just stay still with her eyes closed, and informed her that the energy would still continue to work through her. This was an afterthought on my part so she didn’t think I was “palming” her off, so to speak. After showering and preparing to come out again, I found my mother in a crying heap when I went back into the lounge room. In the past, my mother has tended to be a bit of a hypochondriac, and so did not give her the level of sympathy she may have needed, and instead in a more clinical manner, I informed her that everything was alright, and all she needed to do was to do some deep breathing and breathe into the pain. She did this, and I put my hands on her knee and hip and informed her that I would do some more healing and everything would be fine. My mother described the pain as one of the most intense pains she had ever experienced, even greater than childbirth. She was sobbing quite loudly at this point. Within a few short minutes the whole situation had turned around.

What I think happened in my absence, is that she experienced some negative feelings and worked herself into a state. I had other commitments and was more focused on getting away as I did not want to let the other people down, which included a child’s birthday visit to Dreamworld (and we all know how hard it is to say ‘no’ to a child and that we can’t go yet). I dropped her at my brother’s place for the day hoping she would be fine (only 15 minutes after I came into the living room with her in such a state). I was not due back till 9.00pm that night – some 12 hours away.

When I eventually got home, I enquired how she had been during the day. She replied that she had not received any further pain that day and felt good. My mother and father returned home to the country the next morning. So I waited a couple of days and rang to find out how she was feeling. My mother is about 62 and always insists on telling you about all her aches and pains. However, on this fine evening, she informed me that she was the best she had ever been in a long time, and really felt it was the Crystalotherapy. This was approximately 2-3 months ago, and she is still feeling fine.

So well done Crystalotherapy!

Some food for thought on closing. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful the mind is. I had taken both the Wheel of Life and the crystal away from her and told her that the energy was still running. Through the power of her mind, she absolutely believed my statement, hence the reaction.

(Editor’s footnote: Thank you for sharing your story with us. The energy does continue to flow after the treatment has been completed, for up to 48 hours, and a healing crisis such as this may be experienced. It is important to release and let go. Please remember to drink plenty of water!)