“My mission is to enlighten dear one. To let those of our place be aware of the energising on the ones of this place. The earth is of significance as a learning place for the souls of the most diverse ways of being.

We are here to let those of this place be aware of their origins and the places of their eternal existences to be, and the way for those who wish to be on their way home. What we have come to do is to enlighten man. To bring about that spark that will reunite those who have been lost, and we are here to help with the unification and delineation of all of humanity to be of the one.

This is so dear one and we are of much significance to those in wait as we have waited many eons to be able to communicate our mission here on earth. All is eternal and we are one and the One are All. ……. There is another reason we are here dear one. We are here in order to be of the ones of the places of their origins. To instil in the minds and project the energy thought processes to those of the cosmos and to let them know deep within that their origins are of us of the cosmos. That what lies beneath the outer shell of man is in fact the essence of the All.

We are the All of the All and man is to be awakened of the reason and the essential pertainment of why he was created and why he is to learn by the vehicle of humanity that we are the All. We are all of no difference. We are of the one mind. We are to unite and to be of healing of the earth. This is so.”

We have also been told (by another entity) that the imprint of the skull is of significance as this represents the way of intelligent all knowing beings of matter.