(by Shirley S. )

I would like to share my experience with Crystalotherapy. Some very good friends who are skilled in Crystalotherapy, T’Leah and Tracey, offered me a chance to experience this after my telling them of an illness which I had suffered for the last ten months.

I was suffering from irregular periods and quite severe pain and discomfort in my stomach area, and felt a heaviness in the lower abdomen almost all of the time. The treatment lasted about 2 hours and I was so much better afterwards. The heaviness had gone and my stomach felt extremely light. Then about 4 hours later that same day, I suffered quite severe pain in my lower abdomen for approximately 20 minutes. Whilst this was very uncomfortable at the time, I have not experienced that kind of pain since, and definitely no more heaviness or the discomfort which was present before. I felt this to have been a releasing of a blockage in this area.

It has been some months now and I still feel so much better. I know if I have any more health problems, Crystalotherapy will be my first choice of treatment. T’Leah and Tracey gave me a wonderful healing experience that day and I am truly grateful.