(by Jacquie Hannigan)

I have had some very interesting situations arise for me where the recovery after some Crystalotherapy treatments has been awesome!

I offered to help a young woman who had a badly infected eye. It was puffed up so much she couldn’t see out of it. It was oozing and red and she was quite distraught. She had been to the doctor but the eye drops he gave her irritated her even more. I decided to work three sessions on her over a period of 4 hours, working about 15-20 minutes per session. The first session, her eye started to reduce in swelling and began to open up a little. Each session found her eye opening up more and more, the swelling disappearing. By the end of the third session her eye was totally healed except for a little redness which disappeared by next morning.

Another eye-popping story brings me to Charlie the Cat. He came home with a huge swollen, sore, weeping eye and he was being particularly vocal about it! (he’s a tonkinese).

I decided to sit with him for an hour. He settled right into healing mode, purring the whole time with the occasional sigh, and low and behold, at the end of the treatment his eye had opened up, all the goop had come out and the swelling was down! He was looking at me with his 2 normal sized peepers! I hasten to mention that I applied my hands to his main body and used my intent to project the energy to his eye as it was too sore to touch. The heat from the energy of this healing was particularly intense. I had one slowly basted cooked pussy cat!