(a testimonial by Norm Way)

It was a Thursday when my grandson Matthew and I had just finished mowing the lawn at my mother-in-law’s house. I lifted the mower onto the back of the ute, then pushed it sideways further onto the tray of the ute. Unfortunately my left hand came into contact with the still hot exhaust and I received severe burns to the fingers and palm of my hand.

I immediately ran tap water on to my hand for some minutes then squeezed the juice of an aloe vera plant which was growing in the garden, over the burn. I then drove to my grandson’s house about 20 minutes away, with him changing gears for me from the passenger seat. By now, the pain in my hand was excruciating. When we arrived at Matthew’s house, my daughter-in-law Sherilee gave me some burn cream to put on my hand and drove me to the doctor’s surgery.

The doctor prescribed some cream and strong pain tablets, and told me that I was going to lose a lot of skin, and experience a lot of pain. When I got home I took one of the painkillers and my wife, T’Leah worked on my hand using Crystalotherapy. The next day, Friday, I went back to the doctor who was very concerned about the severity of the burn. He dressed my hand with cream and bandage and told me again that if the pain got worse, to phone him at home over the weekend, and said again that I would lose a lot of skin. He considered it to be a very serious burn.

T’Leah continued to work on my hand and between treatments placed a silver Wheel of Life between the wrappings of the bandage. The amazing thing was that after the first treatment I had no more pain and did not need to take any further painkillers.

By Sunday morning my hand was feeling very much better and because I had a very important golf competition on that day, I put a very light cotton glove on my hand with a normal golf glove over the top and had a few practice swings. It felt okay, so being a “golf nut” I went off to play. I had a score of 3-under par that day and won the competition. There was no pain at all in my hand all day.

On the Monday I went back to the doctor and he could not believe what he saw-no blisters, no loss of skin, just a pink hand. I didn’t tell him about the crystals and the special healings I had received from T’Leah. He may not believe in miracles, but I do!