If you have marvelled at the beauty in the shapes, colours and forms held in the vast spectrum of Crystal Gems and Ores, discovering within the clearer ones, phantom shapes and energy locked within, or simply wondered at these lovely manifestations of the Creator’s love, that in itself would be healing. For love and Beauty are nature’s way of reminding us who we are in relation to the Universe.

Crystals are very old – very often millions of years, and the traditions associated with them are many and ancient. The tremendous growth in popularity of crystals in recent years simply reflects the necessary resurgence of the ancient way of knowing. There is still some lingering scepticism amongst people who have not experienced the energy of the crystal, but that’s usually because they have not been properly introduced to the possibilities of crystal power. Many scientists and psychologists today believe there is an energy interchange between certain portions of the brain and the crystal.

Most energy healing methods take an hour or more to notice an appreciable change in the problem. Crystalotherapy can make noticeable changes in 15 minutes or less, using only the Wheel of Life pendant, a quartz crystal, and the Light Invocation prayer. Crystals are excellent tools to amplify bioenergy and enable the body to repair itself.

Energy healing is being investigated scientifically through the new science of Psychoneuroimmunology. Even science is recognising that energy healing is the new modality in the 21st century.