The question has been asked – “Why would I want to attend a class to learn how to build crystal grids when I can get the information from reading books”?

Well you might ask! During our last Crystal Energy Grid Workshop we decided to make a crystal grid that we had seen in a book. We built the grid as directed and measured the extent of the energy field generated by this grid, and compared it to the energy field which was generated by a simple basic grid taught in our workshop. The strong energy field created by the Crystalotherapy grid expanded many metres outside the actual grid itself, in all directions. The energy field of the grid from the book produced a much weaker energy only within the area of the stones.

When making a crystal energy grid there are many things to consider. The main ingredients in a grid are shape, size, crystals, colour, programming and purpose.

The basic Crystalotherapy grid creates a doorway to the 4th Dimension. Energy flows through the gate into our 3rd Dimension with power and force. This energy can be modified by colour, mental programming, and connecting to external forces, such as the elements of earth, water, fire and air; or connecting to the forces of the kingdoms of the mineral, vegetable, animal or human. The power of the Cardinal Directions can be included if their virtues are needed.

All the information DaEl teaches about grids simply opens the door to possibilities. What if you want to build a grid for a better garden? Would it be to your advantage to know how to activate the elementals to control the weather to give you maximum growing environment? How about a grid to bring in the spirits of the vegetable kingdom to watch over and aid the successful garden?

A book opens the door. A teacher takes you through the door to infinite possibilities!

Why would you not want to?