During these workshops you will learn much about the power and energy of Crystal Grid Systems and have a greater appreciation of the power of the crystal when combined with Sacred Geometry.

In Level 1 and 2 you will learn about sacred geometry and how to arrange stones in geometric patterns to create special energy fields. Activate them with your mind and open a doorway into the Universal Dimension. Learn about colour and what you can do with coloured stones. Use your mind to program your energy grid. Create crystal grids to charge your water, food, herbs, toiletries, even your clothes. Learn to grid your bed, your bath, refrigerator, furniture, treatment table, rooms, even your whole house.

In Level 3 and 4 create four-sided Ritual grids for working with the earth energies of the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Connect to the Four Kingdoms of Mineral, Plant, Animals, and Human. Connect to the Four Levels of Mind, the Conscious, the Subconscious, the Unconscious and the Superconscious. Integrate the powers of the Four Cardinal Directions of North, East, South, and West into your grid system. Create a chakra grid, and create supergrids to power more than one desire and to amplify your energy grid beyond anything you could imagine.

In Level 5 & 6 you will learn how to create portable grids on the Crystal Mandala Chargers and take them anywhere you want. Create a multi-dimensional grid, and grids to work with the Celestial Energies. You can create a grid to give you more time. Create six-sided grids for working with the Vibrational Law of Seven, the Star of David, and the 7 Rays. Learn how to use the power of colour to choose coloured stones for specific effects. Work with special colour combinations for special purposes for yourself or others.

Learn how to program your grid and manifest anything you want. Do you want a better job, a new relationship, money? Learn to make a grid for manifesting and how to use it. Use your grids for Remote Healing. Create effective healing changes from a distance. Use your grids to work on emotional healing and know you can make an effective change in the behaviour of yourself and others.

Work on people, animals, plants, and objects. Want your car to work better? Grid it and increase mileage and efficiency. Create a garden grid and watch the grid magic affect the growth of your plants. Create a grid for any purpose you want and test it. What can you do with energy grids? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. All materials included.

Level 1 and 2 of the Crystal Energy Grid Systems is Level 7 and 8 in the 12 Levels of Crystalotherapy, however there are no pre-requisites for attending a Crystal Grid Class. Anyone can attend. It is not necessary to have completed Levels 1-6 in order to learn about Crystal Energy Grid Systems.