Question: Most of the time when doing one of the techniques, the crystal can be very hot after the treatment is finished, but sometimes it barely feels warm, (and even still cold at times) even though it is obviously working and multicycling. If the crystal is still cold to the touch does it mean that the treatment was (a) unsuccessful or (b) much more needs to be done, or is there a (c) option?

Answer: The temperature of the crystal is a reflection of what is going on with the negative energy blockages. Let’s look at your comments. The crystal can get very warm, even hot, when the negative energy has been overcome and you are charging the cells. If it feels warm, two things can be happening. One, you may be at the end of a cycle, going into a calm state, where the cells are not charging. Two, you may have hit a problem which needs you to go to Reverse Polarity because the problem is no longer in that polarity.

A word about Reverse Polarity. You may detect it when you first begin treatment. It would seem that nothing much was happening. The crystal gets neither very cold nor very hot. No significant changes of energy take place. When you Reverse Polarity it will change quickly and soon get very hot. Sometimes this happens during a healing. You can finish a healing cycle and then suddenly your crystal goes neutral. You may beed to reverse your polarity and see if you get some action.

If the crystal is still cold it means you have not neutralised the negative blockage. Continue the treatment, until it stops, no matter how long it takes! Some years ago I was treating a woman in Sydney. She told me nothing of her problem. I noticed a very large blockage in the chest area and treated it. My crystal went cold and stayed cold for 35 minutes. I had never had my crystal stay cold longer than 15 minutes and was very surprised. As the time continued I became determined to make it change to warm. After 35 minutes the crystal suddenly went very hot, she began to perspire all over her body. She went into a deep trance and lay on the table for an hour. Then she opened her eyes and told me she had no more pain, nausea or numbness; and that she had breast cancer and was under both radio and chemo treatment. That night she slept peacefully for the first time since she started her cancer treatment.

The key here? Trust your crystal. If there seems to be no changes, it simply sits there warm, you should reverse polarity. If it is still cold, repeat the Light Invocation for about 5 minutes to accelerate the process, and wait for the crystal to warm up. It may take some time, but it always does.