DaelDaEl Walker founded The Crystal Awareness Institute in California in 1975.  His main focus was on research in energy, healing and consciousness. In 1998 he brought his healing system of Crystalotherapy to Australia. It was then that T’Leah met DaEl and was first introduced to Crystalotherapy.

T’Leah’s background was in office administration in a family business until 1993. In 1995 she was introduced to Reiki and was attuned as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 1997. She did a number of Crystalotherapy classes with DaEl and in August 1999 completed the full 12 levels. In 2001 she reviewed the 12 levels again, followed by training as a Crystalotherapy Instructor in the first Instructor Training class held in Australia. Currently Instructors in Australia are qualified to teach up to Level 4, however T’Leah is authorised to teach up to Level 8 and to also teach Instructor Training classes.

T’Leah has been editor of The Crystal Connection Newsletter since March 2002, and in 2007 stepped in as Director of The Crystal Awareness Institute of Australasia upon the resignation of then Director, Karin Kolenko.

T’Leah is passionate about the wonderful healing system of Crystalotherapy and considers it an honour and a privilege to share DaEl’s teachings with others on their spiritual journey.

The Crystal Awareness Institute

DaEl Walker founded The Crystal Awareness Institute in 1975. Its main focus is research in energy, healing and consciousness. It all began by looking at crystal energy after having a psychic reading in January of that year, in San Francisco. DaEl was told that he had a significant amount of psychic and healing powers, and that he should take training to learn how to do this. It was here that he was first introduced to crystals.

“I could feel an energy pulsing in the crystal and this made me very curious. What was this phenomenon”?

After having suffered a slight knee injury during a game of baseball, DaEl pulled his crystal from his pocket and placed it on his knee. The crystal got hot, his knee got hot, and the pain went away. Later, he banged his elbow against a fence while catching a foul ball and automatically pulled his crystal out of his pocket. But, having an idea, he put the crystal back in his pocket and put his bare hand against the pain. Nothing happened. He took out the crystal and placed it on his elbow. The crystal got hot, the elbow got hot, and the pain went away. There was no doubt the crystal was the factor in the healing.

After experimenting with family and friends, the results were the same. Seeking an explanation, he asked a physicist friend to explain how it worked. He said “You can’t do that. Quartz has piezoelectric properties. If you squeeze it, it will generate an electrical current. If you put energy into it, it will swell. If you use an alternating current, it will oscillate and can be used to send radio signals. It will transform energy from one form to another, like solar cells change sunlight into electricity. But ou can’t use it for healing”.

DaEl says, “I have a philosophy. If you tell me I cannot do something after I have done it, I have difficulty in believing what you say”.

DaEl approached ministers of religion, University professors of medicine, physics, electronics (they use quartz in electronics), even geology. They all said “You can’t do that”. After I took away their pain, they all said they did not know how it worked, and there were no scientific studies on healing properties of quartz that they new of.

DaEl realized that he had found something new and exciting. And so he began to investigate metaphysics. At least, they had methods and theories. He took classes and opened up his sensitivity, and discovered that he had a natural ability for healing, and the quartz made it easy.

“The Crystal Awareness Institute was founded to serve as the organisation which could research and understand what I was experiencing, and eventually teach it to others” says DaEl. “Over the last 30 years, the focus has been on healing, life force energy, and methods of gaining it. Our research has moved into some strange and interesting areas. We teach classes in energy healing. Our system is called Crystalotherapy, to honour the original tool we still use”.

The Crystal Awareness Institute has branches in Mexico and Australia, and DaEl has taught Crystalotherapy in Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Romania, Holland, Japan, Hong Kong and England.

The Crystal Awareness Institute of Australasia was established in Australia in 2001.