Crystal skulls are pieces of crystal carved in the shape of a humanoid skull. They are usually made of quartz, but can be carved from any material. They can be either solid or hollow, and can be of any size.

Crystal skulls are divided into three categories, modern, older and ancient.
Modern skulls are those carved within the last 100 years. They are all carved using wheels. They are made to be sold and are usually a very clear, pretty material. They can be any size, and any material.

Older skulls are those believed to have been carved between 100 and 1,000 years ago. Dating skulls directly cannot be done. The dating system for artifacts relies on measuring the decay rate of naturally irradiated carbon, the isotope 14. The decay rate of carbon is known and allows the scientist to determine the age of the artifact. But there is no carbon in quartz, only silicon and oxygen.

It is only possible to date other objects found in the same area, and then the guessing begins. Was it made by these people or was it made at another time and brought to them? The older skulls were probably made by a wheel. Wheel technology has been used by the Chinese, the Indus Valley Indians, the Sumerians, the Etruscans and the Babylonians. Even this assumption grows weak when we find the majority of skulls have surfaced in Mexico and Central and South America. There is no record of wheel technology being used in those areas before Cortez came in the 1500s.

We have relied on psychics and channellers to tell us how old they are. We ask the same question of all the psychics, but tell them nothing of what the others have said. Then we take the consensus of their opinions and use that as a tentative thesis on the age of the skulls.

Ancient crystal skulls are those believed to have been created more than a thousand years ago. Most ancient skulls were carved by hand, and geometrically very accurate. According to the psychics who have worked on them, all of the ancient skulls have been used for healing and some type of ritual.

Who made them? What was their purpose? When were they made? Where did the crystal material come from? How were they made?

The consensus of most of the psychics we have worked with is that they were made by humans under the direction of extraterrestrials. They were made from both earth materials and stones from other planets. They were mostly in the shape of humans, with exceptions like Zar, the alien skull. They were made to be recorders of the evolving patterns of humans and could record all their sensations and thoughts.

Opinions are divided on how they were made. Some think they were made by hand cutting and shaping of the hard stones. This could take years to make. Others think they made unusual sound tones which softened the stone to be like clay. The artists created the shape, under the direction of the ET’s. When the shape was achieved, they made some other sound tones and the stone hardened, and was then polished. They were made at different times, the oldest being Zar, estimated to be as much as four million years.

We have only touched on the subject of ancient crystal skulls. Much more can be written about them.